How do I find music that is popular, trending and maybe viral in other countries with Youtube?

hwo do i find music on youtube

The question has been at the top of my list of thoughts for a while. Being a citizen of America, I am extremely engaged with pop culture. Dua Lipa’s slippers today are my inspiration. Kanye West, drooling at his adorable wife. I am a fan of pop culture and I am awed by all those participating. I’m sure I’d be a great host of one of those Gossip & Hollywood information-talk shows. They feature stars in their underwear. The hosts then move on to lesser-known stars, and then end with flashbacks to the past, or sightings in the beginning that haven’t been seen in a while. I’d love to discuss all the news and rumors in a passionate, loving way however, most hosts just talk about a topic, never relate.

I’ve been trying to include more music from different countries in the listening pool. At the beginning, I am starting to discover what music is popular in other countries. I started by looking at a few European monoliths, like Germany as well as the UK, France and Sweden. I believed I was an expert after spending hours on Youtube and the site would give me all the info I needed. But it wasn’t as simple as that. What one sees is the latest and popular songs in their local area or even their nation. I searched other websites to find the top 20 most watched and downloaded Youtube videos in their country. There were some that did. But it was mostly old. No one wants to write about the top 20, every week. This is something you could do on television. Hit-parades and things like that.

So I continued to search.. After literally weeks and weeks of zero to no results but not being able to find the most recent source of songs that are popular in other countries I was about to give up. My solution was so far to utilize a free-proxy kind of plugin for Firefox (usually FF has better plugins and has more affection from the developers, I think) that would connect me to the Internet via someone else from a different country, so I would browse Youtube as if I were in Spain or Germany. It was not reliable because such connections tend to be lost and slow, yet it seemed like a viable solution for me, so I tried it. The inaccessibility of reliable sources and the annoying need to locate reliable ones were causing havoc to me.

It was the Top 20 most popular Youtube videos link. It was promised that on demand , it would download around two dozen currently trending music videos from Youtube, giving the USA chart at first.. After that, I changed to the user interface language, picked German and then the top 20 most watched videos again. What a surprise! Top 20 German-language music videos were loaded.. I was astonished to discover that there were 25 languages available on the website. Each provided brand new top 20 songs that were trending in that particular language. It doesn’t matter what, the delivery was great. It was very easy and fast to convert vids from Youtube to mp3.

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