In a prison that was enemy, I couldn’t connect to the internet in order to view my presentation. How did I address the issue?

In a prison that was an enemy prison, I couldn't connect to the internet in order to view my presentation. I also had to address the issue.

This was my personal worst disastrous business trip. We were traveling south to meet the oil tycoon of the Middle Eastern Region. Since I was the most active participant in the project, there were many stages that had to be completed prior to the presentation. I was granted one. This was my chance at convincing my boss that I’m ready for the big leagues. I am ready to play in the big games against the big guys. It may be off-putting, but I was referring to adult females. Better yet, business women.

It went well. I was given the location and time of the part that was mine. Because I was in charge of security at the site for the panic rooms of the local businessman, who was insanely successful I was also informed of that this was the case. Names and titles will not be disclosed in this report. I don’t wish for anyone to blame me or identify my writing assignments. The purpose of the demonstration was to mimic the real life sequence of events which will result in this businessman retiring to his panic chamber with close family members and a small number of guards. I originally intended to present the demonstration and then show how to respond to such situations.

We all went underground into the darkened space. The room was kept dim to conceal the armaments that were concealed within the walls. This was an extremely unusual situation. Let’s get to the point. I’m making the power point presentation. You don’t know what? What? Is that really true? And lockdown has already started and there’s no way for me to exit and get to the email in which the presentation is stored.. But I am not doing this for the first time. I used YouTube to convert the audio to mp3 on my computer. I also copied the audio from the presentation to help me remember it. I also downloaded the video mp4 file. This was a mistake, as I wanted a better audio format. Now, however, I have this presentation in my laptop, ready to be used.

It was a good day. Because of circumstances that were unforeseeable, Internet access is not an alternative and I had to save the presentation and resume it using video and audio that came directly from me, because I was able to memorize most of the content. While it was a three minute speech, it communicated layers of assurance, security and led to the signing of 47 more clients with higher quality. The contracts amount to hundreds of thousand. We’ll continue to work together with them over the next few months.

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