How to make videos for your faceless Youtube channel that will go viral

Here's how you can make viral videos for your channel on Youtube

This one is extremely educational. You are about to learn lots, my dears, technical expertise is vital in the current video world, especially on Youtube. Yes, I’ll teach you the formula to the most viral videos and knowing that, knowing the method, you’ll be able build your own video channel that is viral on Youtube, or Facebook and maybe on Xvideos and other ex-gophers, no one knows what you’re interested in.. Just make sure to follow my winning formula and you’ll succeed.

The first step is to discover what you are interested in. Most viral video channels are successful due to the fact that they follow the leaders. Your favorite channels are popular and attract millions of subscribers. Why not copy their approach? They must be doing something right if they’ve managed to maintain and grow this huge number of subscribers, don’t you think? So, what are you waiting for? All those years of watching other people doing what they did are now yours to do! What are you interested in? Let’s assume you are into sports, celebrities, gaming, technology, beauty? There are many profiles to each of them, but even beauty tutorials can be made in line with the formula of viral videos. You’re right! Here’s a reason why.

Let’s see how the formula works and what we can do to get there. You don’t need to be knowledgeable about beauty tutorials and celebrities’ gossip, sports debates, or even the smallest part of technology. Just talk about other people and technology. It’s very simple, right? A very clear and straightforward formula – use others and don’t create a new technology wheel, but just discuss someone else’s invention of this wheel. Key word here is reaction.. This is the driving force behind Instagram Tik Tok.. It’s just inexplicably.. They are always looking for dialogue.

The third step is to utilize all the knowledge.. Take their videos, they are all open to the public on Youtube Make sure you avoid using their audio only for video and nothing else.. Make use of Youtube video converter, just copy the URL of the video from Youtube share button, and insert it into the input box on the Yt converter website, hit Go and wait for the several download options, then snatch the video only option without audio to edit and then insert in your video. You’re now ready to go. You can now open a video editing software, however in case you’re in a tight budget, you can find something free, like ffmpeg can manipulate videos using the command line better than all those video editing visual software packages… There’s always an option that is either expensive or free that can accomplish exactly the same thing. I prefer free methods. But, inserting video into the video isn’t as easy as it appears with Ffmpeg. It’s also difficult to understand how to do it. VLC even has the ability to cut and paste bits of video into streams.

Talk about someone else talking to someone else. This is confusing. Even though you don’t have to give your opinions it is still a pleasure to watch all the information in one video. A short video of 3 to 5 minutes is enough. A long video could cause viewers to lose focus and make them shift to the next video. Facebook makes it smaller. Facebook users are too distracted by their own lives to be able to stay for three minutes to watch a video that doesn’t be logical. Therefore, you should do this every two or three days, and best of all each day, if you are committed to your channel and don’t have anything other to do, – do one or two videos per day, in 2-3 months you will surely get your first viral video.

Then it’s straight to the sky, without limits. Be confident in yourself, persevere, no matter how many videos you make, Google and YouTube will be aware of your efforts and start to send you viewers. If you put in the effort and believe in your dreams and believe in yourself, nothing is impossible. I’ve achieved this with several YouTube channels. I’m earning more income that I know how to use, so I want other people who take the time to read this to know that they are able to do this too. If I could do it, then you should too. Have fun!

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