Youtube is full of amazing video tutorials. I am a huge fan of learning new stuff.

learn stuff on youtube

What have you noticed about me during the past year? It’s the commute. It’s the train that is empty going to work. The train ride of 1 hour used to be full of people, some even required standing up, in a state of sleepiness. There are now only 12 people on a train. Everyone works at home or no employment. Another tragic result of the epidemic is that a lot of people have lost their jobs. As it turned out, I was unable to work remotely. My job requires me to work hands-on with equipment that cannot be used remotely or taken outside to be taken home. Are you working from home? are you?

So, using the anonymity that comes with being one of few train riders these day, I’ve delved deep into tutorials as well with various instructional guides. There are numerous tutorials covering various topics. They cover creating shadowed circles using Adobe Photoshop, stacking multiple effects rendering 3D models using chrome reflections, reflections, and much more. Some of it is unfathomable to accomplish at home, yet I’m able to follow the instructions and recreate desired effects. Even though it’s all computer-related, I do apologize for any confusion. I’m not learning how Ikea furniture works together or how to improve customer service.

It was twelve years ago that I learned how grout and tile could be applied to floors and walls. I did it fully with YouTube tutorials and videos, and our bathroom has been great, with new floors and walls, brand new fixtures and pipes along with a brand new toilet and floor borders, in fact, new everything.. The bathroom is great nevertheless showering has never been more satisfying feeling knowing that I’ve done it! Do you not think this is the best feeling you could ever have? That’s what I believe. I was able to complete it all within 8 years. I was able to learn everything on my own which meant I didn’t need to collaborate with any other person. About 2 dozen tiles had been broken before I discovered that the tile must be scored. Then, a specially angle breaker must be used to ensure that it breaks across the cut. Once it was working I was able to cut smaller and more narrow tiles.

I’d use the YouTube video downloader website to save an mp4 file to an laptop. I would then place it in the bathroom and start playing video, while trying to put into practice the knowledge that I had gained towards the task. I utilize the same process with my iPad. I bring it along on the train to watch excellent tutorials that keep me entertained during long train journeys. CSS is my dearest friend. I have learned to program a lot of JS tricks which I had trouble understanding. I’ve learned how to kick someone like a ninja when they’re not expecting it. This channel has given me numerous ecommerce suggestions. These tips and tricks are so useful. I can’t WAIT to implement them all at my house.

Dailymotion and Vimeo provide a variety of educational videos. I’m able to transform some of them to mp3, make podcast out of them, in case the content isn’t essential.. I could also save the MP4 files on my computer, and then continue pretending that it’s a lesson. Be aware that downloaded files are often found in the browser downloads directory. Many browsers will save files to your desktop or open folders using shortcuts, which means you may need to take some time off. I certainly do.

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