Why does Youtube continue to show ads to my child while she is watching baby related videos like baby shark and other similar channels?

baby shark and other similar channels

This has been my question for the past two months, since I started giving my young baby girl a tablet that has all the Youtube channels designed specifically with babies in mind. These channels are designed to help babies learn and improve their cognitive functioning and make them more socially and mentally competent. Sure, I see my daughter enjoying the material. Her eyes sparkle and her giggles are waiting to be released from her lips. I love watching her get entertained. I don’t understand the commercials. My baby isn’t a consumer, so why insist on advertising for babies on YouTube for my child and YouTube?

The first thing to note is that infants are unable to be able to comprehend commercials. It’s a complete waste of money and also a waste of resources, such as time spent in creating and playing this commercial advertisement (video) to a child.. They’re infants and they don’t comprehend it. If you say so Why are you playing those ads for them baby babies? Is that in case the father or mother, or maybe other baby care givers are watching, then they will benefit from the ads? It’s not clear to me, and is becoming frustrating.

The same applies to cat videos. I recently discovered that my cat loves to watch these stunning videos for cats. Most of the time, it’s birds or mice however, my cat is enthralled by the fact that they don’t wander for long periods of time. The idea of hunting is what I am thinking. Yet again and again the videos are interrupted by advertisements, so who do they want to attract? My cat is not any kind of consumer, but the videos. For her, advertisements are irrelevant. Perhaps they’re hoping my cat will be watching them? They are partly right. I find myself watching silly cat videos more frequently than I actually do anything useful.

This is how I came across an amazing solution. It basically is downloading Youtube videos onto my computer or my daughter’s tablet and then streaming them from the device later on, as if I was offline and needed a hard copy to my hard drive, instead of streaming them repeatedly from Youtube. Are you aware of what I’m referring to? This site allows you to save video to your computer rather than accessing it on Youtube anytime your cat wishes to watch birds. This allows me to double-click an mp4 file on my computer. The file plays in VLC immediately and doesn’t contain any advertisements.

The same procedure applies to all the baby videos and channels. My daughter is a fan of watching videos on Youtube. I then save the videos to my desktop and then copy them to her tablet. Sometimes, it’s just 1-2 songs. If the videos are long, I copy them onto her tablet. But it’s easier to access the website straight from my desktop. Perhaps it’s just me, old school…

This strategy actually proved to be a great mobile data saver. This method actually is an excellent mobile data saver.

I’m so glad you enjoyed my suggestions and tricks for data – and Internet wealthy households. It may sound silly.

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