A story of a great loss, a miracle discovery and the happy times that came after

a miracle discovery - brain work

Hey! Today, I’m going to tell you about the most devastating loss and astonish discovery. My life was completely turned upside down when my most beloved, and much-hatred Samsung Galaxy S9 phone disappeared. It was a catastrophe…

It’s not the whole story, but that’s half the problem. My phone could be locked only by fingerprint. My data should not be in danger. Bank accounts also need to be secured. This is not about safety but rather the potential negatives and implications of the loss of your mobile. It’s not about your phone being in a dead state for a few hours. Hehe. I made it through..

Google and Facebook come to your aid

My first instinct was to get back my “life”‘s data. It is likely that android and google allow seamless backups of all your images and videos. For a couple of hours, they saved me, i was copying every single image video that i’ve saved in my backups of my system over the years. I HOPE Google is doing a great job. LOL. LMBO

When I looked through photos from the past and present I noticed that some were missing. Yeah, all the stuff I’ve ever done live on facebook, all those videos were missing.. I needed them… I can’t rest until I get all of my videos back…

So I went to facebook.. Lots of those videos there were unique and were not available elsewhere.. I needed these videos… And i found the solution, after searching around. I discovered the Facebook video download tool which was extremely helpful to me.

Youtube Video Downloader is now compatible with Facebook. Thank you!

So, i downloaded this beautifully designed and easy to use facebook downloader service. The steps are as follows:

  1. Open Facebook and select the video you want to save.
  2. Right click on it. Or tap and hold the button until the menu appears. It will show the URL for the video. Select it, and then copy it using CTRL+C.
  3. Go to the Facebook video downloader site Click in the box, copy the URL of the video using the right-click + paste button or hold and tap to paste in the menu.
  4. Click GO, then wait another second
  5. The next screen will appear, click on the huge red Download HD Video button

It’s quite that very simple!

It’s easy and even your grandmother could accomplish it! Here’s what it looks like when you upload your URL for your video.

I was able to get all of my Facebook videos restored in just a few hours after finding this site (yes, it is an addict to video with around 60 videos)


It is very easy to download videos from facebook. It is advisable to do it yourself. Keepvid is a great tool to help you restore your Youtube library. It can also convert YouTube to MP3 using it. Be assured that downloading and restoring your videos is legal. It’s okay to download office party videos and save them to your phone. =)

We hope that this article was helpful.

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