When I feel bored, I like to listen to music from different countries. It makes me feel better.

yt1s youtube downloader

This is going to be about YT1s – new Youtube downloader. It’s true. I’ll admit it. I do occasionally go to Youtube when I’m feeling down. Certain songs make me laugh, because it will be a shocking revelation.. Because languages can seem funny to you isn’t a guarantee that it won’t cause me to smile.

I am Russian and I was raised in Russia until I reached legal age. Since then, I’ve been living in the USA. I’ve learned a variety of different languages. Sometimes, I am having a laugh like a newborn watching videos that speak languages. The music is nearly irrelevant to me as I’m focusing on the words and the emotions.

Here’s how selection of Youtube video downloads looks like on Yt1s:

yt1s download youtube videos
yt1s download youtube videos


French and Turkish Rap, Hip Hop and Russian Recipient and Trap are among my top choices. Spanish hard rock. Chinese heavy metal. Some of these don’t even sound like real music, but every country, every culture go thru similar developmental steps, similar music genres have a wide range of cultural influences. This is the kind of thing I love to observe.

Sometimes, I make a roadtrip playlist. Since I don’t have Internet access during long cruises in the Arctic and can’t save MP3s of my YouTube favorites, I prefer online mp3 converters. These apps allow me to block Youtube videos that are restricted by geography. An online Youtube converter can aid you in fixing this. They’re just in a different location and can access the same content as you do.

All you have to do to remove the block Youtube video from YouTube is to copy the URL, take it to an mp3 converter site, and then paste it and submit it. After that, conversion button will help to complete the process.

Yt1s is the best Youtube downloader

yt1s youtube downloader
yt1s youtube downloader

Apps and tools such as this typically have lists of the most popular videos. These apps often have music sections. It’s always interesting to see what songs are in the highest demand in different countries. Although it’s usually different songs, certain artists such as Selena Gomez, BTS and other bands that are well-known appear in the majority of the most popular YouTube videos. This usually means that a new song has been released.

It’s interesting to observe the progression of these tunes from one country to another, and how they reach millions of people around the globe. I tend to skip these tracks because I am more intrigued by folklore from my own area, music that isn’t on US radio. Russian music feels slighly forced to me. Perhaps it’s because I lived the majority of my life in the USA however Russian music is always a bit odd to me. I’m not sure. I try to pay attention to it, but often it’s a bit superficial..


I still love all types of music from different countries. I would highly recommend. It’s quite refreshing and at times, funny. Yt1s is the best youtube downloader out there. Check it out.

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