MP3-Youtube.Download by Telecharger (Review and Tutorial) review and tutorial step 1 open front page of the site

My next review goes about the most generic website name there is, but oh well, these days it probably doesn’t matter anymore. What’s important is that people either start typing the name “mp…” and browser takes over and auto-completes the website name, or they simply click on a bookmark, and all is good there too.

So technically speaking, one doesn’t need to remember the website name, or the technicalities of dash there or dot here. It is a given, same as one doesn’t have to multiply 35 x 67 by hand anymore. And same as noone needs to know anything, the answer now is “google it”…

In any case, let’s look into this It’s been rapidly rising to stardom, having appeared somewhere several months ago, and now being close to top 50k sites (by alexa). Why is there this instant success? Sometimes it’s simply the cause of old domain redirect, thus new domain gets instant traffic that brings it to the top quick.

But sometimes it’s just the knowledge of the SysOp, the way they apply SEO to their pages and website, the strategic points they place backlinks to their new site, the depth of know-how about the subject, and many other factors. Here I guarantee we deal with an experienced sysop or a group of youtube mp3 savvy people – code name “Telecharger”.

About “Telecharger Group”

I am putting this name in quotes well, because it’s my own code word for this group and i want to accentuate that. I get these emails sometimes saying this was wrong or that is not correct, so I have to go back and change. So now i am trying to tippitoe around this “telecharger group”.

“Telecharger” is French (verb) for “Download”. And so some French (or Canadian) person or a group of people have started with what seems to be their first and most popular project TelechargerUneVideo – and then continued with Telecharger-youtube-mp3. Or maybe in the opposite order, cause the latter one is a bit more popular than the first one.

In any case, I’ve come across maybe 5-6 sites spawned by this “Telecharger group”, and is definitely one of them. Or maybe these 2 have nothing in common with the subject of this article..

I am wildly basing my deduction on one simple fact of “telecharger” in website name. This could easily be turned into “all sites with ‘youtube’ in name are owned by youtube”, which is not true.

And so to give this bleak talk some color, let’s try to use this website. It has a very very scarce design, very obvious what to do there, same as Keepvid, or maybe Savefrom. But we survive on images and talk-text, so here are some screenshots on how to use to download and save youtube video as mp3. Tutorial

Today we’re going to work with Imagine Dragons – Thunder video, trying new musical horizons… Just kidding. This is all for the masses.. Let’s try to use this new youtube mp3 converter. First, click here to open their front page.

Step 1. Open and submit video URL

very easy step and very obvious at that. Put the video URL in the box in the center of the page and press the button next to that box. very very easy.. Need to download a youtube video in mp3 format? Words from the site..

Only French would give “youtube video” article “a”, cause in French it would have an indefinite article “une”… Or am i mistaking? Below you can see 1st screenshot, it’s website’s front page with our video URL already in the box. Let’s press the Blue Button next to the box. review and tutorial step 1 open front page of the site review and tutorial step 1 open front page of the site

Step 2. Video is converting, please, wait

See, as I’ve talked about this in review, websites that do youtube-mp3 conversion need time to convert whatever audio they get from the video into mp3. So you should understand why I am grieving the recent loss of functionality of TheYouMp3.

Mainly because it was one of the two websites i know that did on-the-fly mp3 conversion, making it look like instant mp3 download (the other one is SaveToMp3). And so here we see the “normal activity” – submit video, then wait until it is downloaded and converted to mp3, then download that video. In this step video is converting, and we’re waiting… review and tutorial step 2 enter video URL and submit - converting process review and tutorial step 2 enter video URL and submit – converting process

Step 3. Conversion is finished. Download the mp3 now..

And finally conversion is over and mp3 download link is right there for you. Just click it and download will start. It happens pretty fast too. Already check out your downloads folder to see the new mp3 in there!! review and tutorial step 3 file conversion is finishes now press blue button to start download review and tutorial step 3 file conversion is finishes now press blue button to start download

Step 4. proof of Mp3 download

and for those who don’t believe me – here’s a screenshot of mp3 being downloaded from’s infrastructure. Download was pretty fast, but then again site is not yet that popular, I am sure it experiences not more than 3-5 simultaneous mp3 conversions at this point. So it should all work good and enough resources should be there for everyone.. review and tutorial step 4 proof of mp3 download review and tutorial step 4 proof of mp3 download Review

What’s here to review, really? All has been shown in the screenshots above. One thing is not clear yet is how commercialized this website will become. Now it only does popup on conversion submission. Not to turn you around too early with advertising. But what comes out of this later? We’ll see..

Otherwise right now is a promising new resource for best youtube mp3 conversions and download. It is similar to – not by design, although someone could say that, but by demeanor. If you know what I’m talking about..

Nothing else really to say in the review section… does what it promises – allows one to download youtube videos converted to mp3. That is clear and functional. Besides that – there’s nothing else to expect, but yes, doesn’t do anything else.

Nice clean spartan design, quick reaction and fast response with the mp3 link. What else can someone desire from the youtube mp3 converter?


Thumbs Up - Approved by SaveTube for safe use seems to be nice, at least at this point in time. We shall see how much more commercialized it gets. Cause many sites reaching popularity forget about their users and start running shady popups and malware installs and all kinds of nasty garbage…So we’ll see.. For now this site gets 4 stars by savetube. It’s OK to use it with caution for popups…

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