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We – – truly think that existence of all these types of software, plugins and websites for video and audio recording, downloading and ripping.. Well, all of it correctly and properly answers one simple question: do we want to download and save online streaming content? yes, we do want to!! and we will search for a method to satisfy this need. We also think that saving streaming video and audio is as legal as browsing it in one’s browser. everything goes exactly same way, all video/audio content is downloaded to your computer and to the browser’s cache. and then streamed, or downloaded partially upon demand. but the point is: why do i have to re-download the video from youtube in my browser times and times again, if i like it and want to watch it over and over? how to go about it on tablet  or your mobile device, that has limited data transfer plan? Plan, which only allows for a dozen hd 5 minute videos to be viewed (that is 3-4GB of data transfer right there, my monthly mobile data plan doubled)? wouldn’t it be much cheaper to save the video and watch it from your memory card or hdd or whatever storage you use?

Savetube Terms Of Service

why do i have to pay extra for my data transfer just to facilitate google’s aspirations at serving me some irrelevant ads in that video? they basically want me to lose money while they are making it. how is this better and legal, and trying to save money is, after all, illegal??? how is DVDR legal, but having videos stored on your hdd, because DVDR can only take so much in, becomes a crime?? and yes, the part where recorded and saved video is shared somehow, not its link that puts viewer on youtube or other site. but the file itself, is illegal, recording for personal use suddenly becomes illegal filesharing, and we strongly advice against it. DO NOT SHARE VIDEO AND AUDIO MATERIALS (THAT YOUR ACQUIRE USING METHODS WE DESCRIBE) WITH ANYONE, ONLY STORE AND USE THEM FOR YOUR PERSONAL PLEASURE. do not cross that line, stay on the legal side.


We – – are not and will not be held responsible for any actions or attitudes we inspire in our readers, we stay a pure resource of unbiased reviews of software, browser plugins and websites and will not be dragged into corporate politics. 

Savetube Cookie Policy

We – – do not purposefully store any cookies in your browser. But our visitor tracking scripts (provided by google and yandex) actually may do so.


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